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Every vehicle experiences an amount of wear and tear while it’s being driven. With SCI CarCareTM, your vehicle will be covered for Excess Wear and Tear (EWT), which are vehicle damages that are over and above what is considered normal wear and tear. Once you complete your pre-return vehicle inspection, SCI CarCareTM coverage will kick in and save you from unexpected charges due to EWT.


Advantages of SCI CarCareTM

Waives up to a total of $5,000 of eligible excess wear and tear charges**


  • Cracked, chipped, scratched & broken glass
  • Dents, scratches and gouges
  • Paint damage
  • Worn tires (excludes winter tires)
  • Bumper Damage – chrome and non-chrome
  • Damaged Wheels – Alloy & Steel
  • Scratched lenses
  • Upholstery stains, burns and tears
  • Damaged trailer hitch*
  • Dented and damaged wheel covers
  • Damaged brush guards*
  • Damaged mouldings*
  • Damaged running boards*
  • Broken factory audio components
  • Burned, singed or water stained carpets and floor mats
  • Broken keys
  • Missing Parts (less than $150)

* Limited to factory or dealer installed prior to lease inception

** A single incident over $1,000 will not be covered

Program Terms & Eligibility

  • Available on new and previously untitled cars and pickup trucks with less than 10,000KM at lease inception
  • Must be purchased on the effective date of the lease
  • Not valid on vehicles used for commercial use (i.e. UBER, landscape or construction vehicles)
  • $0 deductible
  • Can be canceled within 60 days of purchase

This is a general outline of coverage for marketing purposes only and does not constitute your agreement. Please see your agreement for the details of coverage, as well as conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan SXT

cracked, scratched, broken

bumpers, fenders, mouldings, trim, paint chips

cracked, broken, chipped

from cuts, tears, stains, burns

worn below 1/8”, dry rot, cut, flat, cupped

(less than $150)
owners manuals, spare tires, wheel covers, jack or wheel wrench, tire inflator kit

steel or alloy wheels that are broken, bent, heavily gouged and unrepairable